Decero Remolinos Vineyard Malbec ’16

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  • Sep 12, 2018

The 2016 Decero, from the mountainous Agrelo region in Mendoza, is a beautiful example of an Argentinian Malbec. Over the decades, deft winemakers in this country have embraced and nurtured the Malbec grape, to create wines with high acidity, soft tannins, and powerful fruit. You’ll be impressed by this bottle’s jammy red berries, smoky finish, and balanced acidity. Decero translates to “from scratch,” reflecting the winery’s sustainable practices and natural approach to wine making. From hand harvesting  to basket-pressing their grapes, their “amano” (or by-hand) approach is evident.

Malbec’s typically are not long on the finish, and with its marked acidity, they benefit from the interplay of food. Steer toward umami-like flavors, such as lean red meat, earthy mushrooms, eggplant, and blue cheese. The Decero has that unmistakable smoky quality in the back end, which pairs so nicely with the fiery eggplant in this week’s recipe.

Pleasant companion for: Dark meat poultry, buffalo, lamb, mild sausages, grilled vegetables, strong ripened or aged cheeses, tomato sauce, pizzas, hearty pastas.

Try with our Roasted Butternut Squash with Smokey Eggplant and Basil.

750ml – $19.19  @ Utah DABC Stores

Decero Malbec 2016

Producer……..Finca Decero
Region…………Agrelo region of Mendoza, Argentina
Grapes………..100% Malbec


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