Eroica Riesling ’16

For those weary of Rieslings… well, I hear ya. They can range from bone-dry to über-sweet, and ambiguous labeling may mean you don’t quite know what’s in the bottle. While there are certainly exceptions, old world style (or European) Rieslings tend to be on the drier side, while new world wines will often be sweeter. Rieslings typically do not come in contact with oak barrels, which translates to a crisp, acidic white that will enhance, not compete, with food flavors.

Enter Eroica, a zippy Riesling from the Chateau Ste Michelle winery in Washington State. In collaboration with Dr. Loosen, a well known German producer, they’ve crafted a wine that straddles old and new, using fresh and bright Washington grapes and time-honored techniques. The result is an elegant white with crisp minerality and just a touch of residual sugar. Lime and sweet orange overtones will help to tame spicy ethnic food that it pairs so well with.

This is our go-to bottle with Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, or sushi. It’s also an excellent match for barbecue, shellfish, cured meats, and robust cheeses.

Pleasant companion for: sharp, green flavors such as lime, jalepeno, herbs, tomatillos, also seafood, grilled chicken, vegetables and grilled fruit, charcuterie, curries, and Asian food

Try it with our Spicy Shrimp Ceviche.

750ml – $22.22 @ Utah DABC Stores

Eroica Riesling

Producer……..Château Ste. Michelle
Region…………Columbia Valley, Washington State
Grapes………..100% Riesling

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