On Serving Temperature…

Have you ever excitedly opened a bottle that you’ve previously loved, poured a glass and found it underwhelming? The wine could simply be served at the wrong temperature.

A wine served too warm will overwhelm with alcohol. A bottle served too cool will seem flat and muted, and if it’s a red, the otherwise mellowed tannins may come across as overly puckery and dry.

Resist the urge to serve white wines straight out of the refrigerator, and reds at room temperature. Instead, the optimal temperature for a dry white, rosé and sparkling wine is 40° to 50°, a full-bodied white and light-bodied red is 50° to 60°, and a full-bodied red is 60° to 65°. This often means allowing a white to rise in temperature on the counter for a few minutes, or slightly chilling a red in the refrigerator or ice bath before serving.

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