Kir Royale

Sparkling rosés are often disappointing and dull at lower price points. If you’re feeling bubbly this weekend, you might try a Kir Royale instead. Purchase a bottle of crème de cassis, a black currant liquour, along with a mid-range Prosecco, Cava, or sparkling wine. Crème de cassis will not only provide that lovely pink color in the glass, but elevates an otherwise fine sparkling wine to a special brunch cocktail or aperitif.


Pour ½ ounce creme de cassis in a champagne glass. Slowly top with your sparkling wine and enjoy.

Footnote: Crème de cassis is a staple in our house. It can be paired with white wine to make a Kir (the “Royale” refers to a cocktail using bubbly instead of white), for those half-drunk bottles in the fridge that have lost their initial brightness.

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