Stéphane Aviron Beaujolais-Villages ’16

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  • Sep 18, 2018

I had an aha moment at a friend’s house this past weekend, which informed this week’s pick. Often, we hear from our followers which wines they’ve tried, and they rattle off their favorites. Every once in a while, as was the case this past weekend, I get a “I really didn’t care for that one.” It makes total sense. Like most people, she has a preferred style of wine- and definitively, hers is not big, rich Cabs. I looked left and right, and she was flanked by friends who cannot get enough of bold reds. While everyone is guided by their own individual tastes, for this week we sought a find common ground.

Our minds drifted toward central France, and to a particular appellation which grows the Gamay grape, making characteristically fruity, light, and easy drinking wines. Stick with me here, because as with certain wines, this one has a reputation that precedes it. Now what I’ll say is that not all Beaujolais are created equal. Every November in France, Beaujolais Nouveau is released, and young, fruity, and cheap wine floods the market. If one has a sour taste in their mouth, it’s likely they’ve experienced a sub-par Nouveau rendition. However, there are regions within the Beaujolais appellation that take their wine making very seriously. Beaujolais-Villages and Beaujolais Cru both produce better quality reds, and still at a fairly good value. Winemaker Stéphane Aviron focuses on organic and biodynamic practices, skips the oak barrel aging, and produces a Beaujolais-Villages low in tannins and with an expressive, pure fruit profile. It is light, simple, and pairs well with food of the same vein. Serve slightly chilled, which really is so nice this time of year.

Pleasant companion for: Charcuterie, cheese, pate, baguettes (French country food), roasted poultry and light meats, roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables, quiche or frittatas, salads, also Asian fare

Try with our Savory Roasted Butternut Squash Bread Pudding.

750ml – $12.75  @ Utah DABC Stores

Stephane Aviron Beaujolais Villages 2016

Producer……..Stéphane Aviron
Region…………Beaujolais-Villages, France
Grapes………..100% Gamay


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September 26, 2018