The Emily ’17

There is that magic time, when you know all the words to a song and just want to listen to it over and over. Somewhere in your head, you know that if it’s overplayed, it’s magic will fade. But right now, all we want to do is put The Emily on repeat. We are blissfully infatuated with this incredible South African Chardonnay. With just a hint of Pinot Noir blended into the unoaked Chard, it has a beguiling taste and hue.

Those who aren’t big fans of Chardonnay, this one’s for you. It drinks more like a Sauv Blanc with its cool, crisp and refreshing character. With tons of tropical fruit, such as kiwi and pineapple, it has a long finish and bright acidity. Named after Emily Hobhouse, who was a British born woman who brought to light the terrible conditions in concentration camps in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War, the wine is dedicated to “brave women fighting for what is right, all over the world.”

Pleasant companion for: Rich seafood such as salmon, tuna, and sea bass, shellfish, cheese and charcuterie, fresh vegetables and salads, vegetable stews or casseroles, pastas, pizzas, grains and legumes.

Try with our Winter Citrus Salad with Roasted Beets & Avocado.

750ml – $16.99 @ Utah DABC Stores
The Emily 2017

Region…………Stellenbosch, South Africa
Grapes…………96% Chardonnay, 4% Pinot Noir


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