Warre’s Otima Tawny 10-Year Port

Holiday time is dessert time, from cookie platters to yule logs and rum cakes. Chances are the wine you’ve been drinking through your meal will not be a good match to the final course. We’re all guilty of this… whatever’s left in the bottle gets poured instead of opening a desert wine that’s more fitting. Though, especially this time of year, a well-matched dessert wine deserves it’s place at the table. Port can sometimes be a challenge to navigate. How long should it be aged? Which producer do I go with? Why is one bottle $10 and the one next to it $100?

Warre’s, a well-established port maker, has created a modern-day wine that is more versatile than traditional, rich and heavy ports. This fresh take on a classic dessert wine still has smoky undertones, fig and dark cherry fruit, but is delicate and easy drinking. It can be paired with chocolate as well as fruit or custard desserts, or enjoyed all on it’s own. On a cold night, we’ve even been known to enjoy it pre-dinner alongside a lovely cheese platter.

Pleasant companion for: Fresh cheese, soft ripened cheese, aged and blue cheese, custards, pies, simple cakes, chocolate, cookies.

Try with our My Favorite Gingerbread Cookies.

500ml – $25.25 @ Utah DABC Stores
Warres Otima 10 Year Port

Region…………Duoro, Portugal
Grapes…………Not Listed
Type……………Dessert Wine

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